Contract Recruiting

The Hire Station is now offering you (the employer) the opportunity to hire one of our experienced recruiters to work directly for your company. Our recruiter can work at your location or remotely from our location. Either way, they will be fully dedicated to serving your company. They will be well versed in your industry allowing them more time to focus on the cultural fit and provide quality candidates. Hiring one of our contract recruiters gives you flexibility and will be more affordable than hiring your own internal recruiter.

When you hire one of our Contract Recruiters, you will pay a simple flat rate every month. You will no longer acquire the additional costs of workman’s comp, benefits or vacation time. The recruiter is not paid on commission which allows them to dedicate their time to meet all of your company’s demands.

During this pandemic, contract recruiting has become a great alternative for companies who are unsure of how long they will need a recruiter. Whether you are looking for a long term or short term commitment, The Hire Station can accommodate all of your recruiting needs.

Contact The Hire Station now and let’s discuss this amazing opportunity!