Right to Represent Agreement

This agreement is hereby made between The Hire Station (hereafter referred to as "Recruiter"), and the person mentioned below (hereafter referred to as "Client"). This agreement is created for the purpose of obtaining full-time work for the Client within the next 180 days.

By signing this agreement (typing in your name below), the Client gives the Recruiter the right to represent the Client for job placement purposes for the next 180 days from the date entered below.

The Recruiter agrees to the following conditions:

  • To represent the Client to the best of their ability in order to identify and obtain a position of employment for the Client that suits the Client's skills and qualifications.
  • The Recruiter will accept a referral fee paid by the hiring employer upon successful placement.
  • The Recruiter will represent the Client through solicitation, screenings, resume dispersal, and job targeting.

The Client agrees to the following conditions

  • To allow all inquiries, solicitations, interviews, and meetings with an employer to go through the Recruiter first, during the allotted timeframe.
  • Not to make inquiries, contact, or accept a position from a client of the Recruiter within {90 days} after the termination date listed above.
  • Not to grant the right of representation to any other party, person, or company during the timeframe provided that will conflict with Recruiter’s clients.
  • To undergo a reference, education, background check and drug testing if it is required for a potential job.