Customer Service  AD-20008
Customer Service  AD-20008
Customer Service  AD-20008
Customer Service  AD-20008

Customer Service AD-20008

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Field of Expertise: Administrative Assistant

Years Worked in Field: 6 to 9 Years

State of Residence: California

Willing to Relocate: Yes (Arizona, New Mexico, North Carolina)

Willing to Travel: Yes (Some)

Fortune 1000 Company Experience: None

Non-Profit Experience: Yes (3-5 Years)

Longest Tenure with One Company: 3 to 5 Years

Previous Job Titles: Customer Service, Owner/Operator, Scanner in AP, Clerk Typist

Highest Level of Education Completed: Bachelor's Degree

Degree Major: Business Administration

Desired Minimum Salary: $30,000


Candidate's Comments:

Drive operational efficiency and increase program effectiveness, providing administrative and office management services to commercial and non-profit organizations in manufacturing, distribution, retail, social services, and government industries. I offer you, a person that is detail-oriented, creative, a self-starter, ambitious, and an analytical professional. I have learned how to prioritize my work. I have learned how to take on new responsibilities through experience. I work independently and, on a team, which I learned through multiple positions throughout the years. I also communicate effectively with customers/management at all levels. I have a strong work ethic and pride myself on my concern for safety in the workplace. I focus on my transferable job skills and applying them to positions such as payroll clerk, purchasing specialist, benefits coordinator, employment specialist, safety, and quality control inspector. I seek to use my business degree, to learn a new industry, solve pain, grow into someone new and to sincerely love my work. I am also highly motivated to relocate out of California. A trainee position for office manager would be best for where I am at now, since I am overqualified for any warehouse positions. I like a little challenge in my work.