Human Resources Manager H-30003
Human Resources Manager H-30003
Human Resources Manager H-30003

Human Resources Manager H-30003

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Field of Expertise: Human Resources

Years Worked in Field: 10 to 15 Years

State of Residence: Ohio

Willing to Relocate: Yes (Open)

Willing to Travel: Yes (Frequently)

Fortune 1000 Company Experience: None

Non-Profit Experience: Yes (2 Years)

Longest Tenure with One Company: 6 to 9 Years

Previous Job Titles: Human Resources Manager

Highest Level of Education Completed: Bachelor's Degree

Degree Major: Public Relations

Desired Minimum Salary: $120,000


Candidate's Comments:

Proven track record of driving personal growth and professional expansion, increasing retention, high volume recruitment and in house promoting. Expert relationship builder, skills developer, translator, and work strategist for HR, in collaboration with federal, state, and local organizations. Multiple years' experience in HR Management through various industries. Specialized skills in technology software for HR Management responsibilities within the industry, which also include Social Media. Strong business command of protocols and procedures within company policy, involving a multilingual and diverse workforce, in a nonunion or union setting, with knowledge of legal compliance set by federal, state legislation. Management experience to increase revenue, company goals, and to obtain targeted budget requested by company executives.