Recruiter Certification Program
Recruiter Certification Program

Recruiter Certification Program

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Hire Station Recruitment Academy

If you are new to recruiting, then it is essential to acquire the correct skill set to ensure your using the best practices and to maximize your effort. We are offering an online 8 module self-paced course that will give you all the strategies and knowledge on how to become a successful recruiter. No recruitment experience is needed, and upon completion, you will automatically be enrolled as a Hire Station Independent Contractor where you can immediately start earning income!
Instructor Credentials:
  • Master's Degree in Business with a specialization in Executive Leadership, Bachelor's degree in Public Administration, currently working on PhD focused on Performance Psychology
  • Teaching and training experience at the corporate, college undergraduate and high school levels
  • 10+ years of Recruitment Experience in small to fortune 500 organizations
  • Training and management experience of recruitment teams of up to 250+ recruiters worldwide