Vice President of Finance  A-10047
Vice President of Finance  A-10047
Vice President of Finance  A-10047
Vice President of Finance  A-10047
Vice President of Finance  A-10047
Vice President of Finance  A-10047
Vice President of Finance  A-10047
Vice President of Finance  A-10047

Vice President of Finance A-10047

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Field of Expertise: Finance and Accounting Operations

Years Worked in Field: 20+ Years

State of Residence: California

Willing to Relocate: No

Willing to Travel: Yes (Frequently)

Fortune 1000 Company Experience: Yes (6-9 Years)

Non-Profit Experience: Yes (3-5 Years)

Longest Tenure with One Company: 3 to 5 Years

Previous Job Titles: Chief Financial Officer, VP of Finance & Analytics, Senior Director of Financial Operations/Data Integrity, Director of Finance & Accounting, Operations Controller

Highest Level of Education Completed: Master's Degree

Degree Major: Accounting and Applied Economics

Desired Minimum Salary: $190,000

Candidate's Comments:

I have over 20 years of experience in private and public companies - as consultant and operational owner in globally distributed companies. I have worked in Asia, Europe and several regions in the US and Canada -- thus, extremely conversant across multiple cultures and thrive on diversity. I speak basic French and Russian and I have
lived in Paris, Lyon, London, Singapore, Sri Lanka and India. My background is economics. That propelled me to study microeconomic theory which is of specific interest to me. Why would this background be important? I think that a sound grounding in economics and economic analysis prepares one well to have meaningful conversations with companies, grant authorities, management, agencies and constituents on matters of fiscal purpose and operational procedures. Accounting and finance are merely tools to surface data and render insights for executives to work on to further the strategic agenda. My background in economics would be very helpful to encourage active and spirited discussions around key strategic initiatives with executives and grant-making authorities/donors. 

Currently I am pursuing Data Science - the wish is not to be a data scientist, but rather use my learnings in data science to surface deeper insights into data patterns and craft predictive and analytical frameworks. I believe that using the tools that we use in data science and private industry can amplify my impact on the organization - from
an operational effectiveness and efficiency standpoint, be able to formulate asks in a persuasive manner, use data to manage relationships with constituents and member participants, and work closely with regulatory and audit wings to ensure that we meet the exacting compliance needs governed by 501c3 and Yellow Book. I have worked as an auditor at United Way and held the post of a Treasurer in a small non-profit. I think the exposure has given me an understanding of the challenges that are unique in non-profit while also tapping into skills that I have gathered across a wide swathe of industries over the last 20 plus years. Hence, my qualifications are broad and versatile. There are a lot of great candidates out there, and it would be difficult to point to what separates me from them. I have a lot to offer, like them, and since we are all shaped by
our values and how we see ourselves vis a vis humanity and nature, we are all governed by different operating protocols that act as a beacon to get us to where we would like to be. I am good in what I do, like everyone else ... the most interesting aspect of me is that I am always learning and embrace new challenges.